Peugeot 207 , 2007 7/10
Audi A3 , 2004 9/10
Renault Captur , 2016 9/10
Subaru Forester , 2001  7/10
Dacia Duster , 2019 7/10
Chrysler 300M , 1999  10/10
Ford Focus , 2010 4/10
Mitsubishi Colt , 2006 9/10
Honda Civic , 2016 9/10
Dodge Caliber , 2008 8/10
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Car mileage calculator by make, engine and age. Mileage is calculated by a number of studies carried out in the EU, as well as by the mileage recorded in the annual roadworthiness tests for various car models.

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Calculate total car ownership costs per year and per kilometer. Cost calculator takes into account car price, financing, fuel consumption, driving style and many other parameters.

Fuel pricesFuel prices

Average fuel prices in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as in more than 20 European countries.

Timing chain or belt?Timing chain or belt?

Does my car have engine timing chain or belt? What is the difference between a chain and a belt? How much does it cost to replace timing chain or belt?

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Peugeot 207 , 2007 7/10
Audi A3 , 2004 9/10
Renault Captur , 2016 9/10
Subaru Forester , 2001 7/10
Dacia Duster , 2019 7/10
Chrysler 300M , 1999 10/10
Ford Focus , 2010 4/10
Mitsubishi Colt , 2006 9/10
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