Terms of Service of Auto ABC web site

1. These terms of service are binding for any visitor (user) of the web site Auto ABC (hereinafter – “ Portal”), not depending upon the fact whether the visitor is registered or not registered user. Administration of the Portal has right to change and make additions (changes) to these terms of service without informing you about it. The user is obligated to follow the changes in these terms and conditions. By using the Portal you have accepted these terms of service. If you don't accept this terms of service you are not premited to use the Portal.

2. By submitting any data to the Portal, you have accepted to hand over the data to the administration of the Portal for usage and processing without any limitations.

3. The user is fully responsible for all information submited.

4. The user is permitted to submit only information, he uses and publishes legally. The user is liable for any actions in the Portal preformed by him, if as the result of this intellectual property rights of other persons or other legal rights has been or can be breached.

5. It is forbidden to send and/or publish in any way illegal, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, erotic, pornographic, profane and obscene information or any kind of the commercial information, or to make advertising of any goods/services/events.

6. It is forbidden to submit to Portal any personal information (personal data) neither of user or other person.

7. The Portal does not have any responsibility for the accuracy of information submitted by the users. The Portal has right to use the information submitted by the user without any limitations. The submitter of the information is not permitted to claim any author's fee or other fees for the usage of the submitted information in the Portal.

8. By using the Portal you agree:
 8.1. The service has been provided as it is, and you do not have any objections about it's quality.
 8.2. The administration of the Portal does not have any liability for access disturbance to the service, the supply of the information, deletion and storage.
 8.3. The administration of the Portal does not have any liability for the information created by the user or sent by one user to another and legal consequences, arising in the result of the sending or submitting of such information.
 8.4. The administration of the Portal does not have any liability for the content of advertisements submitted to the Portal and quality of the advertised goods or services, as well as for content of the Internet resources, the Portal has links to.
 8.5. Portal includes the third parties (advertising network) components (scripts), which may collect user data (IP address, etc. browser transferred data), as well as store cookies on the user's computer. Cookies are used to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze data traffic. We are also sharing information about how you use our site in your social media, as well as with our advertising and analytics partners (see also "Cookie policy" below).
 8.6. Portal administration does not bear any responsibility for any loss, expense or damage caused to the user or to third parties due to the use of the Portal.

9. The administration of the Portal has right to deny access to the Portal or to some parts or functions of it, for some users or IP addresses for undefined period of time, or possibility in any way process, change or delete any information created by the user, without explaining the reason and without any liability for it. The usage of the core functions of the Portal is free of charge, some services might be subject to fees.

Cookie policy

The Portal uses cookies - small pieces of information websites store on users computer. Cookies are used for Portal functionality (for example, storing data entered by user to improve browsing experience), displaying and customizing advertisements, as well as analysis of Portal visit statistics and users behaviour. Some parts of the Portal content (for example, advertisements) can be loaded from external sources, which can add their own cookies, called “third-party cookies”.
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