Nissan Micra 2005 Hatchback

This generation of Nissan Micra has been produced from May, 2005 to January, 2008. We can provide information about 8 modifications of this generation. The car has been produced only with front wheel drive.

In 2002, the third generation Micra was presented at the Paris Motor Show.
Compared to the car of the second generation, which has been in production for 11 years and more than once became the best-selling model in class, the 3rd Micra was a little shorter (length decreased by 21 mm), but wider (+65 mm) and higher (+100 mm). The wheelbase has increased by 70 mm. The turning radius of the car is only 4.5 meters. Intended for the European market, the Nissan Micra was designed in a technical centre in Cranfield, UK, and is assembled at the Nissan plant in Sunderland.

Despite the modest exterior dimensions inside Micra has a fairly compact and at the same time roomy interior, so that behind the wheel one can comfortably fit people of almost any height and build, which in addition to a standard set of adjustments, provides the ability to change the height of the seat. The two-storey dashboard is clear and informative. The audio system's steering wheel-mounted controls help to keep you focused on the road. The on-board computer menu is simple and easy to use, you can even enter special dates, then the car will congratulate you on your birthday or wedding anniversary. Probably wishing to prove to everybody, that Micra is really 5-seater car, designers of interior have managed to inscribe in it five cup-holders: double one for driver and front passenger are placed at the bottom of central console, one holder is placed in sides' panelling and one closing one is settled down on tunnel.

The car has excellent additional storage options. The car is also equipped with ISOFIX child seat mountings. The rear seats can be pushed all the way in to the front without having to reach for the baby. In this position of the back seat the volume of the boot increases in 1,5 times (from 251 to 371 litres).

The electronic chip key, which allows you to open and close the interior and luggage compartment doors and start the car without inserting the key into the lock. The car detects when the key chip is within 80 centimetres of the vehicle and the doors are then automatically opened and closed with a simple push of a button. You don't need the key to start the engine either, just the fact that it's somewhere in the car. In addition to the above, the car has rain sensors, but in a heavy downpour the windscreen wipers are not very good at their task. The smart systems such as ABS, EBD and Brake Assist provide confident behaviour of the automobile on the road. Since September 2003, Micra with petrol engines is equipped with the ESP anti-skid system.

All engines of Nissan Micra of the third generation are either newly designed or significantly improved. The car is available with three types of petrol engines and two types of turbo-diesel (dCi) engines with common rail direct injection. The three petrol engines belong to the CR-series engine family. These are 4-cylinder all-aluminium 16-valve engines with 2 overhead camshafts equipped with variable valve timing (VTC). They are 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4 litre in displacement with outputs of 48 kW (65 hp), 59 kW (80 hp) and 65 kW (88 hp) respectively. The 1.2 litre petrol engine is also available with 48 kW (65 hp) for certain markets. Since April 2003, the Micra is available in Europe with a 1.5-liter turbodiesel engine rated at 48 kW (65 hp), equipped with a common rail system. In September 2003, a more powerful version of this engine was released - with intercooled 60 kW (82 hp) and torque of 185 Nm at 2000 rpm.

A five-speed manual transmission is standard for all engines, while the Micra with 1.2-liter and 1.4-liter engines is also equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission.

The third-generation Micra is more comfortable, quieter and improved with the application of hydraulic engine mounts used to reduce vibration and a new front sub-frame that absorbs noise and vibrations when driving.

The high level of driver, passenger and pedestrian safety comprises three main components: information (the information the driver receives to fully control the vehicle), active (electronic systems ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, ESP) and passive safety (seat belts, active head restraints, front, side airbags and side curtains as well as energy absorbing materials for door trim and other interior parts).

Nissan Micra won first place in its class for theft protection in a special test conducted by the British magazine What Car? This test not only evaluates the performance of anti-theft systems, but also the attractiveness of the car to the hijacker in general. Besides efficiency of keyless entry system, the fact that Nissan Micra is painted in unusual, bright colours was an important factor in the experts' evaluation. Car thieves don't like to mess with conspicuous cars and are likely to choose a different, less flashy car for theft.

This Nissan is available with four petrol engines with displacement from 1.2 to 1.6 litres and power of from 65 to 110 horsepower un two diesel engines with displacement 1.5 litres and power of from 65 to 82 horsepower.
The car is available with both manual (6 versions), as well as automatic (2 versions) gearbox.

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Nissan Micra 2005 hatchback average fuel consumption in combined cycle for petrol engine is from 5.9 to 6.8 litres per 100km, whereas for diesel engine - from 4.5 to 4.6 litres per 100km. The most fuel efficient Nissan Micra 2005 hatchback petrol engine version is Nissan Micra 1.2, consuming 5.9 litres per 100km. While the most fuel efficient Nissan Micra 2005 hatchback diesel - Nissan Micra 1.5 dCi for 100 kilometers consumes 4.5 liters of diesel.
According to user reviews, Nissan Micra real-world fuel consumption is on average about approximately for 6 percents higher as the manufacturer's claimed fuel economy (on average +7% for petrol engines and +4% for diesel engines). For a more detailed actual fuel economy of each model, select a specific Nissan Micra modification.

Nissan Micra 2005 hatchback CO2 emissions for petrol engine are from 143 to 163 grams per kilometer, but for diesel engine - approximately 122 grams per kilometer. From Nissan Micra with petrol engines the lowest CO2 emissions has Nissan Micra 1.2 which produces an average of 143 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

The best acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h - 9.8 seconds has Nissan Micra 1.6 version, conversely the tardiest one is Nissan Micra 1.2 reaching this speed only in 17.9 seconds. The maximum top speed is 183 km/h for the 1.6 petrol 4-cylinder 110 hp version (Nissan Micra 1.6).

Lenght of Nissan Micra is 372 cm, it is small car. Nissan Micra gross weight is from 1475 to 1510 kg (depending on modification), this car is about 5 percent heavier than the average for this age and class of vehicles. Nissan Micra trunk space is 251 litres, by folding down all rear seats boot capacity can be increased to 982 litres.

This Nissan is slightly expensive - it can be purchased (in Latvia) for around 2000 €. Users calculated Nissan Micra 2005 cost of ownership for this generation, got average 2000 € cost per year and 0.24 € cost per one kilometer. Fuel costs were estimated at around 50%, while repair and maintenance costs - around 28% from total. We have an excellent car cost calculator, calculate ownership costs of Nissan Micra for your situation and driving habits here! Below you will find more detailed information about Nissan Micra prices and costs.

Nissan Micra modifications

Modification Engine Power Consumption Gearbox
Nissan Micra 2005 1.2 Jun 2005 — Jan 2007

Most fuel efficient petrol version

1.2 Petrol 65 HP 5.9 l/100km Manual (5)
Nissan Micra 2005 1.2 Jun 2005 — Jan 2008

Most fuel efficient petrol version

1.2 Petrol 80 HP 5.9 l/100km Manual (5)
Nissan Micra 2005 1.2 Jun 2005 — Jan 2008 1.2 Petrol 80 HP 6.6 l/100km Automatic
Nissan Micra 2005 1.4 Jun 2005 — Jan 2008 1.4 Petrol 88 HP 6.3 l/100km Manual (5)
Nissan Micra 2005 1.4 Jun 2005 — Jan 2008 1.4 Petrol 88 HP 6.8 l/100km Automatic
Nissan Micra 2005 1.5 dCi Jun 2005 — Jan 2008 1.5 Diesel 65 HP 4.6 l/100km Manual (5)
Nissan Micra 2005 1.5 dCi Jun 2005 — Jan 2008

Most powerfull diesel version (82 HP)
Most fuel efficient diesel version

1.5 Diesel 82 HP 4.5 l/100km Manual (5)
Nissan Micra 2005 1.6

Most dynamic version - 100 km/h in 9.8 seconds

1.6 Petrol 110 HP 6.6 l/100km Manual (5)
Nissan Micra service and maintenanceOil change intervals, capacities and specifications, service information for filters, spark plugs, belts etc.

Nissan Micra prices

Nissan Micra 2005 - 2008 hatchback price in Latvia is from 900 € to 3000 €.
Comparing to analogical vehicles Nissan Micra price is entirely high - Nissan Micra is approximately for 22 percents more expensive then average hatchbacks of this age (compare hatchbacks 2005 - 2008 prices).

Nissan Micra 2007 price 2100 € 2500 € 3000 €
Nissan Micra 2006 price 1500 € 2000 € 2600 €
Nissan Micra 2005 price 900 € 1600 € 2500 €

Nissan Micra total costs of ownership

Nissan Micra mileage

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Nissan Micra reliability and quality

According to yearly reports of vehicle inspection service Nissan Micra reliability is below average. In the roadworthiness tests in 2019 defects were detected in an average of 31.8 percent of Nissan Micra of this generation (on average 13 years old at the time of inspection). The average failure rate for a vehicles of the same age was 28.4%.

Nissan Micra reliability and quality

Nissan Micra 2005 hatchback features (options)

Percentage of Nissan Micra with corresponding feature (option)

Adjustable steering wheel
Metallic paint
Climate control
Rain sensor
Heated seats

Nissan Micra 2005 hatchback photo images

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