Car mileage calculator

The mileage calculator calculates the approximate mileage of a car by model and year of manufacture. The calculation takes into account several studies carried out in the European Union, as well as the mileage recorded during annual roadworthiness tests for different car models. Engine type and capacity are also taken into account, as larger capacity engines and diesels generally have higher average mileages. Of course, it should be noted that this estimate is an approximation; in reality, there may be cars with several times more or less mileage. However, if the mileage shown in the car for sale advertisement is significantly lower than the average, we recommend that you check it carefully without relying solely on the odometer reading. The mileage and intensity of use of a car can also be seen in the condition of its interior components, such as the steering wheel, gear lever, pedal pads, knobs and other parts, wear and tear, and the condition of the seats. It is also possible to detect false mileage by a thorough computer diagnostic, as modern cars record mileage in several electronic components, such as ABS control units, gearbox control units, etc.

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