Volkswagen Golf 2012 vs Volkswagen Golf 2009

Volkswagen Golf
2012 - 2014
Volkswagen Golf
2009 - 2013
Gearbox: ManualManual
Engine: 2.0 Diesel2.0 Diesel


Power: 150 HP140 HP
Torque: 320 NM320 NM
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 8.9 seconds9.7 seconds
Volkswagen Golf 2012 is more dynamic to drive.
Volkswagen Golf 2012 engine produces 10 HP more power than Volkswagen Golf 2009, the torque is the same for both cars. Thanks to more power Volkswagen Golf 2012 reaches 100 km/h speed 0.8 seconds faster.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption (l/100km): 4.85.0
Volkswagen Golf 2012 consumes 0.2 litres less fuel per 100 km than the Volkswagen Golf 2009, which means that by driving the Volkswagen Golf 2012 over 15,000 km in a year you can save 30 litres of fuel.
Fuel tank capacity: 50 litres55 litres
Full fuel tank distance: 1040 km in combined cycle1100 km in combined cycle
1190 km on highway1340 km on highway
Volkswagen Golf 2009 gets more mileage on one fuel tank.

Drive type

Wheel drive type: 4x4 - AWD (all-wheel-drive)Front wheel drive (FWD)

Volkswagen Golf has 4x4: It has Haldex Generation V proactive automatic four-wheel drive. The system analyzes input from the ABS and engine control units and can increase pressure on the multi-disc clutch for faster engagement when needed. Under normal driving conditions, the torque split is 100% front to 0% rear. If wheel spin is detected, torque can be split evenly between the axles (50%/50%).


Length: 4.56 m4.53 m
Width: 1.80 m1.78 m
Height: 1.48 m1.50 m
Both cars are similar in size. Volkswagen Golf 2012 is 3 cm longer than the Volkswagen Golf 2009, 2 cm wider, while the height of Volkswagen Golf 2012 is 2 cm lower.
Trunk capacity: 605 litres505 litres
Trunk max capacity:
with rear seats folded down
1620 litres1495 litres
Volkswagen Golf 2012 has more luggage capacity.
Volkswagen Golf 2012 has 100 litres more trunk space than the Volkswagen Golf 2009. The maximum boot capacity (with all rear seats folded down) is larger in Volkswagen Golf 2012 (by 125 litres).
Turning diameter: 10.9 meters10.9 meters
Gross weight (kg): 2`0102`030
Safety: no data
above average

above average
Average price (€): 96004400
Rating in user reviews: 8.7/10 8.5/10
Pros and Cons: Volkswagen Golf has
  • more power
  • more dynamic
  • has 4x4 drive
  • roomier boot
Volkswagen Golf has
  • more full fuel tank mileage
  • lower price
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