Mercedes CLA 2016 vs BMW 4 series 2013

Mercedes CLA
2016 - 2018
BMW 4 series
2013 - 2017
Gearbox: AutomaticAutomatic
Engine: 1.6 Petrol2.0 Petrol


Power: 122 HP184 HP
Torque: 260 NM270 NM
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 8.7 seconds7.6 seconds
BMW 4 series is a more dynamic driving.
Mercedes CLA engine produces 62 HP less power than BMW 4 series, whereas torque is 10 NM less than BMW 4 series. Due to the lower power, Mercedes CLA reaches 100 km/h speed 1.1 seconds later.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption (l/100km): no datano data
Fuel tank capacity: 50 litres60 litres

Drive type

Wheel drive type: Front wheel drive (FWD)Rear wheel drive (RWD)
Front-wheel drive cars (Mercedes CLA) have better traction on slippery roads and when climbing hills, better fuel economy, and are less expensive to purchase. On the disadvantage side, FWD cars usually have less towing capacity, poorer acceleration and harder handling. Rear-wheel drive cars (BMW 4 series) have better handling on dry roads, better acceleration, more even weight distribution and more fun to drive. RWD is also better for towing large loads. The cons of rear-wheel drive are less interior and trunk space and more difficulty maneuvering in wet and snowy conditions.


Length: 4.64 m4.64 m
Width: 1.78 m1.83 m
Height: 1.43 m1.36 m
Mercedes CLA and BMW 4 series are practically the same length.
Trunk capacity: 470 litres445 litres
Mercedes CLA has more luggage capacity.
Mercedes CLA has 25 litres more trunk space than the BMW 4 series.
Turning diameter: 11 meters11.3 meters
The turning circle of the Mercedes CLA is 0.3 metres less than that of the BMW 4 series.
Gross weight (kg): 1`9202`015
Safety: no datano data
Quality: no datano data
Average price (€): 17 00018 200
Pros and Cons: Mercedes CLA has
  • roomier boot
  • lower price
BMW 4 sērija has
  • more power
  • more dynamic
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