Dacia Duster 2010 vs Dacia Sandero 2008

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Dacia Duster
2010 - 2013
Dacia Sandero
2008 - 2012
Body: Crossover / SUVHatchback
Crossovers and SUVs have better off-road capabilities (higher ground clearance, can have 4x4 drive), they are preferable for driving on unpaved roads and rural areas. Also, the driver's seating position is higher in a crossover or SUVs, which provides better visibility also in city. This usually comes at the cost of higher fuel consumption, increased weight and higher maintenance costs.
Gearbox: Manual Manual
Wheel drive type: Front wheel drive (FWD) / All wheel drive (AWD, 4x4)Front wheel drive (FWD)
Dacia Duster is available with front wheel drive and four wheel (4x4) drive, while Dacia Sandero can be equipped only with front wheel drive.
Engines: 1.2 - 1.6 (petrol, diesel, lPG)1.1 - 1.6 (petrol, diesel)


Power: 85 - 125 HP70 - 90 HP
Torque: 148 - 240 NM107 - 200 NM
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 10.4 - 14.9 seconds11.5 - 15 seconds
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Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption (l/100km): 5.1 - 8.04.1 - 7.2
Dacia Duster petrol engines consumes on average 0.7 litres more fuel per 100 km than Dacia Sandero. On average, Dacia Duster equipped with diesel engines consume 1 litres more fuel per 100 km than the Dacia Sandero.
This comparison does not take engine capacity into account, so to compare the fuel consumption of specific engines, select the car version!


Length: 4.32 m4.02 m
Width: 1.82 m1.75 m
Height: 1.63 m1.53 m
Dacia Duster is larger.
Dacia Duster is 30 cm longer than the Dacia Sandero, 7 cm wider, while the height of Dacia Duster is 10 cm higher.
Trunk capacity: 475 litres320 litres
Trunk max capacity:
with rear seats folded down
1604 litres1200 litres
Dacia Duster has more luggage capacity.
Dacia Duster has 155 litres more trunk space than the Dacia Sandero. The maximum boot capacity (with all rear seats folded down) is larger in Dacia Duster (by 404 litres).
Turning diameter: 10.8 meters10.5 meters
The turning circle of the Dacia Duster is 0.3 metres more than that of the Dacia Sandero.
Gross weight (kg): ~ 1`769~ 1`562

Average price (€): 56004200
Pros and Cons: Dacia Duster has
  • available with 4x4 drive
  • petrol, diesel and LPG engines available
  • roomier boot
  • fewer faults
Dacia Sandero has
  • petrol and diesel engines available
  • lower fuel consumption
  • lower price
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