BMW 3 series 2004 vs Audi TT 2002

BMW 3 series
2004 - 2005
Audi TT
2002 - 2005
Gearbox: AutomaticAutomatic
Engine: 2.0 Diesel1.8 Petrol


Power: 150 HP180 HP
Torque: 330 NM235 NM
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 9.7 seconds8.5 seconds
Audi TT is a more dynamic driving.
BMW 3 series engine produces 30 HP less power than Audi TT, but torque is 95 NM more than Audi TT. Due to the lower power, BMW 3 series reaches 100 km/h speed 1.2 seconds later.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption (l/100km): 6.39.2
Real fuel consumption: 7.6 l/100km10.2 l/100km
The BMW 3 series is a better choice when it comes to fuel economy.
By specification BMW 3 series consumes 2.9 litres less fuel per 100 km than the Audi TT, which means that by driving the BMW 3 series over 15,000 km in a year you can save 435 litres of fuel.
By comparing actual fuel consumption based on user reports, BMW 3 series consumes 2.6 litres less fuel per 100 km than the Audi TT.
Fuel tank capacity: 63 litres56 litres
Full fuel tank distance: 1000 km in combined cycle600 km in combined cycle
1260 km on highway810 km on highway
820 km with real consumption540 km with real consumption
BMW 3 series gets more mileage on one fuel tank.

Drive type

Wheel drive type: Rear wheel drive (RWD)Front wheel drive (FWD)
Front-wheel drive cars (Audi TT) have better traction on slippery roads and when climbing hills, better fuel economy, and are less expensive to purchase. On the disadvantage side, FWD cars usually have less towing capacity, poorer acceleration and harder handling. Rear-wheel drive cars (BMW 3 series) have better handling on dry roads, better acceleration, more even weight distribution and more fun to drive. RWD is also better for towing large loads. The cons of rear-wheel drive are less interior and trunk space and more difficulty maneuvering in wet and snowy conditions.


Length: 4.49 m4.04 m
Width: 1.76 m1.76 m
Height: 1.37 m1.35 m
BMW 3 series is 45 cm longer than the Audi TT, width is practically the same , while the height of BMW 3 series is 2 cm higher.
Trunk capacity: 260 litres220 litres
BMW 3 series has more luggage capacity.
BMW 3 series has 40 litres more trunk space than the Audi TT.
Turning diameter: 10 meters10 meters
Gross weight (kg): 2`0401`680

Audi TT has fewer problems.
According to annual technical inspection data BMW 3 series has serious deffects in 80 percent more cases than Audi TT, so Audi TT quality is probably significantly better
Average price (€): 60005200
Pros and Cons: BMW 3 sērija has
  • lower fuel consumption
  • more full fuel tank mileage
  • roomier boot
  • higher safety
Audi TT has
  • more power
  • more dynamic
  • fewer faults
  • lower price
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