Mazda 323 1989 second hand price

Mazda 323 1989 average price is 650 $.

Over the last year prices for a second hand Mazda 323 1989 (model year 1989) have been recorded as being between 440 $ and 900 $.
The average price for similar 1989 second hand cars is 1300 $, so this year's Mazda 323 is approximately for 50 percents cheaper.
The Mazda 323 1989 has limited availability on the used car market. Of this generation of Mazda 323, the 1990 model year is the most available with an average price of 1100 $.
Note that there are few cars of this age available on the market, and depending on condition, price can vary by times rather than percentages.

Prices of similar 1989 cars

VAZ 2109
1987 model year
Average price: 1400 $
more expensive by 115% VAZ 2109 1989 price Mazda 323 1989 vs VAZ 2109 VAZ 2109 has
  • lower fuel consumption
  • better manoeuvrability
Volkswagen Golf 2 Average price: 1100 $
more expensive by 70% Volkswagen Golf 1989 price Mazda 323 1989 vs Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf has
  • less engine power
  • higher price
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