Hyundai i30 2010 hatchback second hand price

Hyundai i30 2010 hatchback average price is 3300 €.

Over the last year prices for a second hand Hyundai i30 2010 hatchback (model year 2010) have been recorded as being between 2500 € and 4000 €.
The average price for similar 2010 second hand cars is 4800 €, so this year's Hyundai i30 is approximately for 31 percents cheaper.
In year 2010 previous Hyundai i30 generation (model year 2007) was also produced with current average price of 2600 €. More information - Hyundai i30 from 2007 hatchback manufactured in 2010 price.
The low price may be due to Hyundai i30 reliability - it's quality is little below average. In the roadworthiness tests in 2022 defects were detected in an average of 24.9 percent of Hyundai i30 of this generation (on average 11 years old at the time of inspection). The average failure rate for a vehicles of the same age was 23%, so when buying this car, especially at a lower price, we recommend checking its technical condition carefully.

The Hyundai i30 2010 is sufficiently available on the used car market. Of this generation of Hyundai i30, the 2010 model year is the most available.

Prices of similar 2010 cars

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2007 model year
Average price: 3100 €
cheaper by 5% Peugeot 308 2010 price Hyundai i30 2010 vs Peugeot 308 Peugeot 308 has
  • lower price
Audi A3 Sportback 8PA Average price: 6000 €
more expensive by 80% Audi A3 2010 price Hyundai i30 2010 vs Audi A3 Audi A3 has
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Honda Civic 3 durvis Average price: 5000 €
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Volvo C30
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more expensive by 50% Volvo C30 2010 price Hyundai i30 2010 vs Volvo C30 Volvo C30 has
  • more power
  • more dynamic
Renault Megane
2010 model year
Average price: 3400 €
more expensive by 5% Renault Megane 2010 price Hyundai i30 2010 vs Renault Megane Renault Megane has
  • timing belt engine
  • roomier boot
Kia Ceed
2010 model year
Average price: 3700 €
more expensive by 10% Kia Ceed 2010 price Hyundai i30 2010 vs Kia Ceed Kia Ceed has
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