Audi TT 2018 reliability and quality

Production year from 2018 to 2024

According to yearly reports of vehicle inspection service Audi TT reliability is entirely high.

During regular inspections from 2021 to 2022 in average failures were found for approximately only 3.4 percents of Audi TT.
The most recent data available is for 2022, when the average defect rate for a 3-year-old Audi TT was 3 percent, the average for a car that age was 4.7 percent. So in terms of reliability, Audi TT has performed very well, or more reliable than 85% of the other cars tested.

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Year of inspection Age of car Failures found %
/ average for same age cars
Place in rating
Audi TT 2019
2022 3 years 3.0% / 4.74% 20. from 121
Audi TT 2018
2022 4 years 3.0% / 4.74% 20. from 121
2021 3 years 3.7% / 5.57% 21. from 129
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